About the Book

The Tale of a Boiled Frog describes the analogy “If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, the frog will sense the intense heat and will immediately jump out. If you put a frog in cool water then turn up the heat, unaware that his environment has changed and is now dangerous, he will slowly start to relax. As the temperature gradually rises and he becomes sedated, he is no longer able to jump out of the pot and will eventually boil to death.”

People go through life much like that unfortunate, clueless frog. They become so conditioned to their surroundings that they
begin to think that dysfunction is normal. Unable or unwilling to perceive the slowly approaching danger, they slowly start to boil. When they bury or “put a lid” on their emotions they boil faster.



TALES FROM A BOILING POT is an invitation to explore the life of a child of the South through a series of intimate short stories. Cindy’s first writing endeavor, it shows the journey from being born in a dysfunctional and often violent environment, to how she learned to maneuver the dangerous waters with the skill of a sailor bringing her boat into safe harbor during a storm. Rather than choosing to become a part of the dysfunction and a casualty of life, unlike the boiled frog, she used her internal strength, life lessons and the love of her husband Bill as a light to guide her home. With humor as a backdrop, she shares her love of the South, the family that raised her and the friends she has come to know as family.

 “Our lives can change just in the telling, and our memories can become our salvation rather than our regret.” Cindy Bruckel

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