Do NOT Read This Blog

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Do NOT Read This Blog

If you have spent time around small children, you know that one of the first words they learn to speak, along with “Mama” and “Dada”, is “NO.” Before they learn to say the word, they know what it means and they know it has power. They understand it can magically turn adults on their heels. Then, they learn how to use that power to get what they want. After a while, it becomes their favorite word. Where do they learn it? They learn it from us. We think we are using it to prevent them from doing something to cause harm to themselves. But overusing the word itself causes the actual harm.

Do NOT talk with your mouth full.

You may NOT have ice cream before dinner.

Do NOT talk back to me.

Do NOT cross the street.

Do NOT stay out past your curfew.

Do NOT put the eggs and bread in the shopping bag with the carton of milk.

I would NOT lie to you.

Do as I say, NOT as I do.

The Gen Z’ers have chosen to complicate matters, using NOT as a substitute to indicate that a statement is NOT true or dismissive.

I love kale. NOT!

Do I love writing? Absolutely! Do I like revising? NOT so much.

You get the idea. What we have actually done is condition society to ignore the words NO and NOT. We simply don’t hear it. And when we do hear it, we are forced by some underlying rebellious driver to resist. After all, no one is going to tell us what to do.

You read the blog, did you NOT?!