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538: Murder, Suicide and a Mother’s Love

538: Murder, Suicide and a Mother’s Love is a faction about family dysfunction and the prevailing love that sustains a mother. Lilly, happily marries and is full of life as she births five beautiful children. Life takes a drastic turn and she finds herself in a place that she never had dreamt of being. The grip of life keeps a tight rein on Lilly as she suffers great loss, but her strength in God and the love for her children push her forward.  There are days that she lives by simply putting one foot in front of the other. The drama that unfolds, at times, is unbelievable. From the eldest child to the youngest, the anxieties are obvious. Lilly finds herself at times unable to interact and is often heard reciting cliché’s, words she lived by, ”When it rains, it pours, A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush, It’ll All Come Out in the Wash.”  Lilly is strong, resilient and loyal, and her inner strength causes her to persevere.


 Cheryle Boyle   The Author | Cheryle Boyle

Cheryle is a wife, mother of four, and proud grandmother of 11, soon to be 12 – 6 girls and 6 boys! While traveling with her husband, as his job took him around the country, she has lived in Kansas, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, California and Georgia. She loves to write, sew, quilt, cook, anything creative, and just share meaningful moments with her family. She has spent all of her days caring for them and since they all came without manuals, she feels they have done pretty well; they are living enjoyable, professional, and productive lives.

While living state to state, she has played many roles in her lifetime. She has worked as a legal secretary, courtroom assistant, assistant to a state senator, medical transcriptionist, legal transcriptionist, psychiatric transcriptionist, medical secretary and psychological assistant.  All fields affording her an interesting and colorful journey.

She appreciates French Heirloom sewing, and made a beautiful gown for her granddaughter’s first debut into the real world, which consisted of 27 yards of lace. She looks forward to continuing her sewing to leave a legacy of fine linens, hand-stitched, for each granddaughter as they wed. She also enjoys machine embroidery and has monogramed everything, but the family dog.

Her family has nicknamed her Mrs. Fix It, a jack-of-all, she enjoys repairing things, figuring things out, and guiding others to do the same. She has even tackled repairing her husband’s iphone screen (twice), and his ipad, as well. She doesn’t mind, she loves the challenge.

Currently, she is embarking on her personal journey.  This past year, she has met many new friends and grown spiritually as she has been guided to pursue her life-long love of writing, in the form of short stories and poetry, and is excited to see where it takes her.  Thus far, the journey has been vast and enlightening.  Her current work on this book is clearly defining her right now.

Come along with Cheryle and explore where she will travel next, what she will create and who she will meet…her journey is ever evolving!

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