Hide Me, Hide You

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Hide Me, Hide You

With a glint of excitement in his eye, my 3 year old grandson stretched out his tiny little hand and said “Mon Cinny. Hide me, hide you.” That was the signal that the game of hide and seek was about to begin. My 5 year old granddaughter volunteered to be the first “seeker.”

The challenge in playing hide and seek with young children is to hide well enough to make it a challenge, but not so well that they can’t find you.

What seemed like only seconds after the “Ready or not, here I come” Dixon found me in the bedroom closet hiding behind a wall of clothes. I may have had helped her a little with a muffled sneeze brought on by the dust in the closet. She was very proud of herself, as was I. Reiss, having already been found, was close behind with a big smile on his face. He didn’t mind being found, he just loved the game.

As we began round 2, I volunteered to be the seeker. Reiss was quick to find his hiding place, next to a post in the middle of the room, in plain sight. Dixon looked at me and said “Why does Reiss always hide in the same place?” She had a good point. His hiding position was always in the same place, beside the post in the middle of the room. We pretended not to notice.

A simple game that we played as children becomes practice for our adult life. We think we are hiding, but others see us very clearly, we are only hiding from ourselves. We are Hiding in Plain Sight.

How do we do this? We bury our emotions, and pretend everything is OK. We ignore bad behavior from others. We tell people what they want to hear. We talk about people behind their back rather than to their face. We avoid people and situations that make us uncomfortable. We stay in jobs we hate. We stay in marriages that are hopelessly broken. We cover up our mistakes.

We live in fear that someone will find out who we really are. They already know! Stop hiding.