What is Love?

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What is Love?

A tiny girl, born with big blue eyes, brown hair and a beaming smile, feels safe. She learns to talk, she learns to walk, she has a lot to say and a lot to do. People tell her how smart she is. Full of life, full of hope, she has sweet dreams.

The little girl turns three. She loves to sing and dance. She wants to be a dancer when she grows up. But she starts to notice that people look away when she dances. She doesn’t understand what happened. Why don’t people like her? Maybe she isn’t special after all. She starts to look at herself differently.

The little girl turns six. She is told “children should be seen and not heard.” The little girl thinks, “if I sit quietly, and don’t make a sound, they will see me and think I’m a good little girl. They will ask what I think.” But they never did. So she sat in silence.

The little girl turns ten. She no longer thinks what she has to say is important. She listens for other people to tell her what to do. She stops thinking for herself. She prefers to be alone.

The little girl turns sixteen. Her childhood dreams have been washed away in the tears of yesterday. Her future is clouded with fear. Where will she go, what will she do, what will become of her? She is full of doubt.

The little girl is now a woman. She has a lot to say, but when she opens her mouth to speak, the words don’t come. People tell her how smart she is, but she can’t hear. She looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize the person she sees.

Then, she met a wonderful man that smiled with kind eyes and a warm heart. He asked her what she thought and how she felt. He told her she was special. But he could not stay. He had his own journey to make. She began to doubt herself again, so he sent her a message “…remember: you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think, but most important of all, even if we are apart, I’ll always be with you.” A.A. Milne

The woman sees, hears and feels love.